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Dear customers, few hours ago team xecuter released for free the SVF files that allow to do RGH corona.

Is really FUNNY that they release the SVF for free and didn't take 1 second more to compile with IMPACT the BGA version that can work on all SQUIRT BGA HARDWARES that are already in the market.
Another demostration how is Team XECUTER.

But don't worry, SQUIRT TEAM is much better and KEEP the words, the SVF FILES are ONLINE now FOR FREE!

All SQUIRT USERS will be able to install RGH CORONA TODAY without any CRAP installation like explained from team XECUTER in their forum .
We already tested their solution and put an OSCILLATOR on the fly is all then STABLE.

But this is not ALL, together with the SVF file compiled you will find the VHDL FILE that allow ALL to setup own timing and develop new versions of RGH hack with better performances.
FUNNY that XECUTER again doesn't put online the VHDL code!

SQUIRT BGA 1.2 is now the only one CHEAPER solution able to be installed to CORONA, thanx the hardware design that include an oscillator since beginning!

we have some remarks to do:

- Really funny the warning "be aware from XC264A". COOL RUNNER 3 use a XILINX 128 on board, same XILINX technology of standard COOL RUNNER... why do they need this more "space" version? Simple they added a stupid code to allow the change of timing with jumpers... a things that need few more space that in the 64 version standard cool runner cannot stay.
We read also an auto training method done with JRUNNER with a PC.
Do you really think that is necessary to buy a CR3 to change few values on the RGH code?
The simply answer is NO, we posted in fact 4 type of RGH variants timing, that are in fact the same solution of CR3... only difference is that on SQUIRT you need only 1 second to flash the SVF files to find the best one, on CR3 you need to select them by a switch.

FINALLY AGAIN and AGAIN need to came SQUIRT TEAM to force XECUTER to release FREE the codes... same story like RGH2...
This mean only one thing SUPPORT SQUIRT TEAM to prevent a real MONOPOLY in the market that finally damage all!
WITHOUT competition we are ALL FUCKED ! REMEMBER!

Last thing. What happen with the people that already bought a SQUIRT PRE PROGRAMMED?
We will compensate them with extra squirt chips, more infos will be sent to our customers.

Here the specs:

Here the RGH FILES:
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