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29,90 € Incluse Tasse

Cod. art.: X360-DEMONPHAT
Marca: Team Xecuter
Quantità minima ordinabile: 1
Unità di misura: PZ
Disponibilità: Non disponibile
Peso: 0,001 Kg


Il chip DEMON non è ancora stato rilasciato ufficialmente, ricordiamo che necessita comunque di un chip RGH (TX COOL RUNNER o SQUIRT etc) per funzionare.

The Xecuter Demon Phat is a Dual Nand solution for the older first generation Fat Xbox 360 consoles. We are more than excited about this new line as it’s going to revolutionize the RGH & RGH 2.0 with a true Dual Nand solution that’s going to open up the doors to so many more possibility’s on the Xbox 360 almost just like what happened with the old Xbox. Get ready for custom dashboards and homebrew applications like never before, your Xbox 360 with the Xecuter Demon installed for Fat consoles is going to be a killer combo. There is a ton of features for these great little boards and we will go into some detail more about them below, but expect more to be announced as we get closer to the Xecuter Demon release date and we will of course update this page. There is also something special on the horizon called Xecuter Fusion which we will talk about a more a little further down this page, this is almost just as exciting as the Xecuter Demon itself.

Now we are all still waiting on some more info such as the Xecuter Demon release date and once we know that for sure we will start taking pre-orders. There is some more info on the Xecuter Demon Fat which we are also waiting for which is if there will be two different versions, one will be just the Xecuter Demon Phat by itself, in short a Dual Nand board. The other speculated version will be the Xecuter Demon Phat which will also have the CoolRunner in the same package. Now we don’t know at this stage if it’s just going to be a CoolRunner as we sell now in a box just bundled with the Xecuter Demon or if they are going to have the CoolRunner and Demon combined on the same PCB. This is something we will all just have to wait for Xecuter to announce and once we have that info we will update this page and add the with and without coolrunner versions to the site, so stay tuned.

Now there is something else circling around right now just as exciting as the Xecuter Demon Phat which seems to be going by the name Xecuter Fusion. There was a video leaked onto the net recently which showed what seemed to be a customer dashboard code named Xecuter Fusion. This video showed some very interesting things in the dash including the DVD Key & M/B key in the settings menu, but possibly one of the most interesting was the Pair DVD drive option in the menu. It looks like when running this Xecuter Fusion that it will be possible to drop a drive into the console and it will pair the drive to the console and must imbed the DVD key located on the motherboards NAND onto the drives firmware, very cool. If you would like to see more about Xecuter Fusion just do a search online and you should be able to find the video. We are just guessing but there is a very good chance this Xecuter fusion will go hand in hand with the Xecuter Demon Phat when released, time will tell.

Dual Nand has been around for a while and was first introduced back in the early days of the Xbox 360 when JTAG’ing first began. Team Cygnos introduced the very first solution which worked well and gave people the ability to run a set of two different fully customized NAND’s or one customized and another left stock. This was and still is a very cool thing to have available on your Xbox 360. Since the recent discovery of the RGH and now the RGH 2.0 there has been a huge surge in homebrew activity for the Xbox 360, this is mainly because now so many more consoles can be JTAG’ed thanks to the RGH. Almost all consoles can now be done Fat or Slim all be it still not the Corona Slims. So this is why now everyone has been waiting for some kind of Dual Nand solution to compliment their RGH install, there is just so many more possibility’s having this kind of setup.

So after the initial discovery of the RGH it was only a matter of time before a Dual Nand solution surfaced for this next generation of JTAG’ing. This is where Xecuter picks up from where Cygnos left off, for the Xecuter Demon they have pretty much worked out all the known issues they found with the Cygnos and fixed them for the Xecuter Demon design. They have also added new features, managed to improve upon the read / write speeds and some general improvements on the PCB design and installation techniques.

One of the main selling points for the Xecuter Demon Phat has to be the inclusion of NAND read / write ability. This will take place of using external Nand tools such as the Nand-X as the Xecuter Demon has the ability onboard to do the reading and writing of the NAND for you. One of the main features of their inbuilt read / write is a Turbo mode that will allow reading and writing of the NAND at record speeds which have not been seen before.

The Xecuter Demon Fat is going to be compatible with older JTAG systems as well as the newer ones using the RGH method. So it does not matter if you have an old Phat Xbox 360 from the first days of JTAG’ing or if you have a brand new Slim with a CoolRunner installed, you will be able to install the Xecuter Demon to compliment and work with your current JTAG’ed system to achieve a true Dual Nand solution.

It goes without saying that the quality of the Xecuter Demon range will be top notch, just like all other Team Xecuter products expect the faulty rates to be low, the overall quality to be high, and tons of functions and support. Next to the Xecuter Demon pics below we have the official specs released so far, it’s a pretty impressive list and sure to grow.

-=| Xecuter Demon Phat Features |=-

Buy Xecuter Demon Phat For Your Old Xbox 360 Fat Console, Huge Features

Next Gen Dual NAND RGH 2.0 Solution
Simple Change Between Stock On-board NAND and Custom NAND
Simple Quick Solder Board Solution Install (QSB)
Quick Wire Installation Also Available
Support 16MB & 256MB / 512MB (Big Block) NAND Models
Original Brand NAND to Match Stock For Security & Compatibility
Built-In USB NAND Read/Write Hardware (NAND-X Not Needed)
Turbo NAND Read / Write Mode (16MB Dump less than 20sec)
TX CoolRunner Options Available
Supports Phat JTAG Installs (Inc All TX QSB JTAG Kits)
Supports Phat RGH Installs (Inc TX CoolRunner & QSB Kits)
No Lifting of CE Pin on Both Phat & Slim, Simple
No Trace Cuts on Phat Models, Perfect
Custom Software Support & Drivers
100% J-Runner Software Supported
Proven Xecuter Build Quality & Warranty
More Features To Be Announced Very Soon


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