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TX R-JTAG 1.1 STARTER KIT (PHAT) RJTAG TX224 XECUTER Die Fotos können vom Original abweichen
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Attention: This product is no longer in production. Replaced with the new CR4. (View alternative items)

The Xecuter R-JTAG starter kit is the very latest solution from Team Xecuter for the Xbox 360 Phat consoles. The R-JTAG is a completely new method that supersedes RGH and offers the best boot times possible on the older Phat consoles that were updated past dashboard version 14619. As many of you would know when these consoles were updated past 14619 dash the RGH 2 method was required on these consoles, with that came a complete change in how they booted and the model motherboards that were fine with RGH 1 became a nightmare with RGH 2, the Falcon was a perfect example of that, going from one of the best boot times with RGH 1 to being the very worst with RGH 2. This has now all changed with the release of the TX R-JTAG starter kits and boot times on Zephyr, Opus, Falcon, and Jasper are all coming in at around the 5 to 15 sec mark. Note these kits do not work with the Xenon.

A lot of people have been a little confused at first to what R-JTAG actually is, as the team has stated a few times now this is not an improved version of RGH but more so falls into the category of a modern day JTAG instead. You will notice there is a little QSB included with the kits that resembles very closely the old Xenon JTAG QSB, so as above this latest Xecuter R-JTAG solution falls more into an improved version of JTAG than an RGH solution. The team will be releasing full install guides for the R-JTAG method once these kits have been released and we can all see the differences in the installation process of R-JTAG compared to the old RGH method. One other thing to note is that the TX R-JTAG requires the console to be running dashboard 15572 or higher, so before you start make sure to check the consoles firmware version and if not updated fix that before you start the install.

The Xecuter R-JTAG starter kits do boast a few of the features found on their Slim CR3 Pro line up, the main one being the Rater feature. Just like their Pro line up for the Slims you can now use full post monitoring along with the J-R Programmer v2 to make use of the Rater feature to get the very best boot times possible for the board you are working with. Note to use the Rater feature you must have the J-R Programmer v2, the Nand-X can’t be used to take advantage of this feature. These TX R-JTAG starter kits are aimed at people that already have a JRP v2, if you don’t you might want to take a look at the Ultimate kit which has that included. These chips boast the same main processor as their Pro line-up and of course the PCB is of the highest quality with refinements learned over the last couple of years.

Will the Xecuter R-JTAG make RGH obsolete on the phat consoles, well the short answer to that is yes and no, it really depends on who you are and what board you are working with and the dashboard version the console is already running. For some installers out there the increased cost of these kits compared to say a CR Rev C won’t be worth it if they are working with consoles running dashboards already 14619 or below or say Jaspers updated past 14619 which they have got their technique down pat and are happy with the old method. But with saying that these same installers might very likely be turning away Falcon, Opus & Zephyr boards that have the latest dash as they didn’t want to spend the time on them to get stable boots or booting at all, they would now have the opportunity to offer customers with the troublesome boards this TX R-JTAG solution instead. Now as far as the end users go ones that are either doing their first install or only do a couple for themselves and mates this is where the Xecuter R-JTAG will shine. These kits are going to reduce the complexity of tweaking the install and give the best possible boot times without lots of mucking around. So while these kits won’t make the old RGH totally obsolete they will be snatched up by installers looking at using them on consoles they previously wouldn’t touch and by end users that want to make things as simple for themselves as possible.

So there we have it people, again team Xecuter have delivered a powerful solution to the community that deals with the problems associated with RGH 2 on the Phat consoles and this new solution will put to bed those issues using a totally new method to achieve the same result, the TX R-JTAG starter kit solution will be sure to become a favourite for installers looking to do Phat consoles updated past 14619 without the headaches and for end users looking for the simplest solution.

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